Practical guide to natural health and wellness (eBook)


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This eBook is meant for anyone who wants to improve their daily lives (well-being, stress, anxiety, distress, depression, winter illnesses, nutrition and much more) through small actions. They will find simple and inexpensive techniques to put into place along with all the necessary guidance for complete success. Xavier Kern is a biomedical engineer and has been passionate for naturopathy for many years. He runs a website about scientifically-proven natural health and well-being called Med in Nature (, previously called Whitney Crossroads), where he also provides naturopathic consultations. He has varied experiences in the medical world, but also has extensive knowledge about older techniques, such as relaxation, meditation, herbal medicine and behavioral techniques. This book has been translated from the original French version (« Guide pratique pour la santé et le bien-être au naturel ») by Mrs. Amina Benman, which was in the top 100 of Amazon.

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